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For specific assignments Biz2Be will make a custom proposal. The intake interview is free of charge. Besides specific assignments Biz2Be three models of service.

Forecasting: your business plan is drawn up with a budget for the next three years. This budget consists of the cash forecast, balance sheet and income statement. Each month, the actual results of your company will be uploaded in our software, and the forecast will be adjusted with this reality. This service will cost you € 75, - per month

Manageability: same as forecasting extended with the ability use our software yourself, so you can work on forecasting scenarios. Every month there is an evaluation of the progress against the forecast. This service will cost you € 145, - per month.

Control: Same as manageability extended with active guidance towards participation by the Business Angels. This service will cost you € 425 per month.


The agreement for the three models of service is contracted for at least 1 year.