Become competative again.

In the current economic climate, many companies struggle to survive. Competition is increasing, sales channels moving to the Internet and new business models are deployed quickly. Daily pressure prevents companies to react adequately to these changes, opportunities and threats. The missing element is a Business Angel, someone who has experience in other companies and is able to apply specific actions for your business.

Biz2Be is such a Business Angel, and an official partner of the Business Angels Netherlands. Through this partnership Biz2Be has direct access to informal investors, should additional capital be required. Biz2Be has over 25 years’ experience in the logistics and production, especially with multinational companies. By applying state-of-art planning and scheduling tooling, insight and grip on your businesses key control parameters is provided. Insight and grip are crucial in order to be able to respond to market demand and potential disruptions in the supply chain quickly and effectively. By making your company  real time you become competitive again, working capital gets reduced and you profitability improves.

Watch the video of what a Business Angel process entails.