How we work

During an initial meeting the current situation and the desired situation will be discussed with you. Biz2Be examines the obstacles, those things that prevent you get to the desired state. Where applicable, we will support you in defining the desired state.

The next step is to mutually agree on which activities will be executed by Biz2Be. A consultancy agreement will be prepared.

After mutual agreement on the consultancy assignment contract, the delivery of agreed services will start.

Biz2Be uses the method of Business Canvas to visualize the core elements of your company. These core elements are for example your Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Core Activities, Key Resources and Key Partners. Also, the financial income and expenditure flows will be visualized. To support the financial calculations and ensure consistency, we use certified Plan Guru software. This software is applied to create an integral model of your company. This model includes the budget of the income statement, balance sheet as well as the cash flow. Your monthly actuals can be uploaded, and analysis can be performed. This software is also capable to provide for a rolling forecast. On a regular basis the results will be analyzed. Where necessary, this will lead to adjustments to the plans made.

For additional funding and subsidy the above mentioned business plans and financial calculation models are made. This ensures a complete view on your business and ensures success in obtaining funding or subsidy.

The other pillar of success is to ensure that your business planning becomes real time. This is particularly applicable for all processes in regard to long-term planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Order Promising (Capable-to-Promise) up to the detailed scheduling. This entire chain needs to be connected, transparent and real time, so you can capitalize opportunities and provide adequate answers to possible distortions.