The solution to bridge the gap between business and IT

For many consulting firms and software vendors bridging the gap between business and IT, is the holy grail. Apparently it is quite difficult because it exists for many years now and a "solution" is not there yet.
What's going on? The business and IT speak different languages. The business speaks human language and ICT professionals have their own language, more focused on computer systems. The ICT professionals have to do this, because it is them who need to make the translation into system requirements. In that translation the alignment with the business often goes wrong. Another root cause is that business often has difficulty to supply the requirements in a structured manner. Add these two factors together, and you have the famous "gap" between business and ICT.
The good news is that a solution is available! There are so-called requirements management systems which are able to deal with human language. Practise shows that the quality of the requirements increases by 50%, and requirements collection takes 20% less time! In short, the bridge exists now just apply it!!