Right first time; increase business effectiveness and reduce failure cost

USoft and Biz2Be jointly created a solution to increase the effectiveness of your business and reduce failure costs substantially. This solution is called YMTY. YMTY stands for Your Mom Told You, where MOM is the name of the systems that drive and control the manufacturing processes. The reference models used in YMTY focus on the primary processes of manufacturing and logistics. YMTY provides grip and control on the changes that you want or need to make in your manufacturing and logistical operations.

By applying YMTY your business effectiveness improves, due to the fact that implementations as a result of changes are up to 40% faster to implement. Moreover, failure costs decrease with 20% through better specification and understanding the impact of the change.

In order to maintain your position on the market you must be able to introduce innovative products to the market. Other examples of necessary changes, are the deployment of new legislation and responding to changing market conditions. All these changes lead to changes in processes and supporting IT systems. YMTY ensures that changes are adequately assessed and implemented, without the usual increase in costs of failure or unacceptably long lead times for the change.

Traditional implementations often involve substantial costs of failure. Time, money and effort are being destroyed. Often these are hidden costs. But also the hidden costs and indirect consequences of failing changes, are substantial. In the ICT direct failure costs can be up to 1% of turnover. Indirect failure costs are still higher, and are often seen as inevitable. YMTY provides control of the change, substantially reduces your failure costs and ensures that the change is faster. This enables you to focus on those elements that add value to your customers.

The YMTY solution provides a comprehensive picture of all relevant factors, which enables you to perform the impact analysis better and faster. Scenarios can be easily assessed. The impact analysis is performed by the business itself because recording of requirements and business rules is in human language, and thus not in a language only understood by IT experts. This increases the quality of the requirements by 50%, and the requirements collection speed is improved with 40%. YMTY covers and links the three layers of architecture: the business functions, IT systems and IT infrastructure. In short, the entire chain of information is captured. The YMTY language engine ensures that the user only sees the relevant context of what he wants to edit or needs to assess.

In short, with YMTY your failure costs go down and you can make quick changes so you can capitalize on the opportunities that the market offers. For more information or to attend a demonstration of YMTY: please feel free to contact us or look at http://www.usoft.com/en/software/ymty.