The need for a blueprint

In recent blogs I addressed the importance of a blueprint many times. For many companies, it goes far beyond usefulness, it is crucial to survive. In large corporations, the ICT has become very complex. Changes can come from new user requirements, laws and regulations or ICT as a particular system requires an upgrade to maintain support.
Next, the internal struggle begins. Requirements, risk analysis, budgets and priorities need to be completed. Lack of a blueprint and supporting software results in a long and complex process. If the competitor does is decisive, it can cost you the head. A CEO of a former mobile phone manufacturer has once called "our competitors bring a new phone on the market quicker than that we can adjust a PowerPoint." So if you want to become "agile" and want the failure costs to go down: make a blueprint and use supporting architecture software!

No overview, no insight

I received many comments on my previous blog about making a building plan before you start building. Of course, an IT project is different than the construction of a building. The drawing is just as important in both cases. Particularly in a IT project is the drawing, the outline, is crucial. That starts with the business users. The business has to (once again) understand how their activities relate to the entire value chain. Once clear, the control mechanisms have to be defined. These are the buttons that positively influence your processes.
The value chain design and associated controls are impossible to record directly in programming code. You need clear visualizations. Obviously the Business Angel who guides you records the necessary details such as the information sources and business rules. The total assembly is provided to ICT in order to realize. By linking the drawings to the underlying information sources and business rules, the accuracy and completeness are guaranteed. Also, documentation is up-to-date to take the solution in operations and start support.
So visual drawings are key to show what you aim for. Without this overview, there is no insight!