Process mining in the industry: who dares?

The definition of process mining is to have the ability to analyze business processes based on the record of the events in IT systems. Many of these systems have a log on who, what, when activities have been executed. Process mining provides insight into how processes actually are executed, the duration of each activity and what the waiting times between activities. In short, you will gain insight into:

• The actual procedure (s); the actual order of the activities carried out

• The anomalies and non-compliances (about skipped steps)

• The rework that has been carried out

• The bottlenecks in your process

Process mining techniques have been around for several years. Until now, the application of process mining has been focussed on the administrative processes. Would the time be ready assess the manufacturing and logistics processes with process mining technologies? Especially in manufacturing, where the deployment of "historian system" is common, process mining may well be applied.

So who dares to understand the actual process within manufacturing, to understand the differences, non-compliances and bottlenecks? This understanding is the basis for controling on your organization and further steps in the area of Lean Manufacturing.

Dear BI-specialist, we need you in manufacturing…

Unfortunately in most companies Enterprise Intelligence and manufacturing are not aligned. Today’s Enterprise Intelligence focusses on formal/ financial/ governance-driven reporting. Core manufacturing operations are not involved or analysed. Strange, because manufacturing is the core process, added value is created here. On top of that, loads and loads of manufacturing related data is stored. Examples are, line speed, temperature, moisture, pressure, operator ID etc. etc
So, dear BI-friends, look a little bit broader then the formal reports, and start digging the valuable manufacturing data. I’m looking forward for the results, and would be pleased to have underpinned updates for planning algorithms, KPI’s, operational procedures and operational equipment settings.
So help us to make the manufacturing domain predictive or even prescriptive in analytics…