Beat the change, before it beats you!

In recent weeks, I have visited a large number of companies struggling with implementing changes that must take place. Each company has its own challenges, but there's a pattern. Changes are often in implementing legislation, updates of ICT systems or the introduction of new production processes.
The pattern of these fundamental changes is that there is a lack of insight where the changes impact. Requirements remain vague correctness and completeness unsure. Moreover, the way of capturing the requirements are not consistent in method and depth. There is too much rework on already existing material.
Fortunately there is now a standard supported by a tooling that helps to solve these dilemmas. It's called YMTY, and ensures right first time; 20% less leadtime in the analysis phase and 50% higher quality requirements. In addition, the supply chain and manufacturing industry standards are part of YMTY. This makes it possible to be even faster, and unambiguous towards interaction with your business partners. Obviously YMTY also helps to keep the documentation review structured and audits more efficient.
In short: Beat the change, before it beats you!