Improve your grip on supply chain & manufacturing processes

Supply chain and manufacturing processes are complex. Just maintaining a detailed and up-to-date record of your processes, business rules and interdependencies is often a challenge in itself. Add to that the changing nature of for instance market demand and legislation, and you could easily spend more time on process analysis and impact assessments than on running the daily operations. Accurate impact assessments of changes are critical, yet time consuming and complex. Speeding up the process often results in inadequate insight. Being thorough takes far too long. Both often result in high cost of failure due to stand stills, rework, non-compliance, loss of sales, inventory turnover and other disruptions.


What you need is the ability to quickly and thoroughly assess the impact of changes throughout your entire manufacturing and supply chain operations. See which element are affected and what needs to be done to implement the required changes. Our YMTY solution will help you to do exactly this…all of this.


What is YMTY

YMTY stands for “Your MOM Told You”, in which MOM is your Manufacturing Operations Management. YMTY is a business analysis software based on supply chain and manufacturing industry standards and will enrich your MOM by visualizing the relations between activities across your organisation. The software engine of YMTY is URequire Studio. The USoft solution for capturing and managing requirements faster and much more consistent. To ensure correctness and completeness in your requirements, we have pre-loaded YMTY with all the definitions, relations and best practices from supply chain and manufacturing industry standards. Enabling a quick start and providing and in-depth insight out of the box. Adding content that is specific to your organisation is easily done, making YMTY an even more valuable solution. Relations are instantly visible on your screen while working with YMTY and because it is in plain human language, it is easily understood across business areas in your organisation. YMTY furthermore provides feedback on the consistency of your requirements, helping you in being complete, clear and unambiguous.